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Detroit Youth Lacrosse is looking to our neighboring Detroit communities to join us in support of our inaugural summer lacrosse season! For all who are unfamiliar with game of Lacrosse, we invite you to imagine a sport that blends the speed and physicality of football and rugby with the creativity, flow, and strategy of soccer, hockey, and basketball. Recognized as the oldest sport in America, Lacrosse was created by the Native Americans, adopted by the French and modernized by Canadians. Even though Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the world, with over 609 Collegiate Varsity programs and representation on 6 continents, never before has there been a youth lacrosse program in the city of Detroit—until now!


At the DYL, our program will provide incentives for academic achievement, reveal previously undiscovered pathways to college, and allow all children, regardless of height, weight, or pre-existing athletic ability to strive for excellence, both on and off the field. 



Keeping our community in mind, we encourage all members of all Detroit neighborhoods to get active and participate in our programming. Throughout each season, DYLA will need volunteers to help coach, referee and offer support in the success of the organization. We believe in the importance of civic engagement, so the more community members that can engage with our young athletes, the more cohesive cultural dynamic it will create. 

It’s not so much what lacrosse can do for the Detroit community, as it is what can the Detroit Community do for lacrosse. There is an opportunity to re-invent the current culture of lacrosse if we can tap into the resiliency, work ethic, and pride of the people of Detroit. 


If you or your organization is interested in supporting our young student-athletes, please contact Yvette Bass @ 313.264.1414 or visit

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