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Introducing Lacrosse to Kids: The Benefits and Fun of the Sport

As a parent, you are always looking for new ways to keep your children entertained and active. Have you considered introducing them to lacrosse? It's an exciting sport full of energy and offers many benefits that can last throughout their lives. Let’s explore why lacrosse is a great activity for kids. 

The Benefits of Lacrosse for Kids 


There are numerous benefits to playing lacrosse at a young age. Among those include improved physical fitness, coordination, posture, and teamwork. Playing lacrosse helps develop overall body strength in children as it requires a lot of running, jumping, throwing, catching and swinging motions with the sticks. Additionally, it also helps children develop social skills such as communication and problem-solving which are essential life skills. On top of that, studying has shown that playing sports can help improve academic performance in school by increasing focus and concentration levels during classroom activities. 

Having Fun with Lacrosse 


It’s important to note that while there are all these great physical and mental health benefits associated with playing lacrosse, kids should still have fun while doing it! According to the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), “Lacrosse is an exciting game combining elements of basketball, soccer, hockey and other games into one unique sport…Lacrosse is played on a field similar to soccer but with goals similar to hockey or basketball goals. Players use special sticks called crosse’s to pass or catch a hard rubber ball around the goal in order to score points for their team.” All this makes for an incredibly enjoyable experience for kids -- not only does it get them out exercising but they get to compete in a fun game against friends! 

At Detroit Youth Lacrosse, we believe that lacrosse can be a great way to introduce your children to sports. With our youth lacrosse program, kids get the opportunity to learn how to play the game and its rules in an environment that is fun for them! We also offer camps, clinics, and tournaments so they can continue developing their skills and make lasting friendships. So why wait? Sign up today and get your kids playing lacrosse!

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